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"The King Always Beats a Pawn"
With more than 10 years’ experience, King Watch Buyers
will appraise and sell your luxury watch for the best possible price

You’re sitting at your kitchen table, wondering what to do with the old watch you’ve just inherited. It’s in perfect condition, but no one in the family wants it, and it looks like it might be worth something.

You ask yourself, “Is this white gold, or stainless steel?”
“Is it even authentic?” and,
“Where can I sell my watch, besides the dingy pawn shop down the street?”

Enter King Watch Buyers’ Ilya Kushnirskiy, who came into the luxury-watch world more than 10 years ago with AIK Corporation, and more recently through his 300watches enterprise.

“King Watch Buyers is our watch-buying site that was created so that our clients could send us their watches to sell,” said Kushnirskiy, KWB owner. “The site is also intended to compete against the pawnshops that basically hammer people into selling their watches at very low prices, and then make tons of money on them.”

Hence our slogan: The king always beats a pawn.

Just fill out our free watch appraisal form, with basic info and photos of the watch. With a rich network of dealers and partners developed over the past decade, King Watch Buyers will research your watch, both on the streets and on the web, to determine how much it’s selling for.

Soon after, you’ll get a phone call or e-mail — whichever you prefer — with a quote on your watch. From there, you can sell the piece to King Watch Buyers directly, and we will sell it through our various channels. If we’re lucky, we may even beat the price agreed upon.

“They can also list it with us on our eBay auction site; at 300watches.com; at Chrono24.com; and other affiliated social networks,” Kushnirskiy said. “In other words, through King Watch Buyers and 300watches, you are getting very intense exposure all over the Internet.”

Dealing with KWB offers you the opportunity to sell your timepiece through our unique network of dealers and collectors, our power-seller 300watches eBay platform, and our very own www.300watches.com.

“All transactions are 100-percent transparent — you will know how much it was sold for, on what date it was sold, and what fees you might owe,” Kushnirskiy concluded. “Most companies in the business offer, at most, 25 cents on a dollar for most pre-owned watches, and some pay as low as 10 to 20 cents on a dollar for a pre-owned watch. We give them real prices and real information that can be verified 99 percent of the time, unless the watch is extremely rare. In that case, we would most likely ask the buyer to list the watch with us, since our exposure and ranking on the Internet is much higher than most.”

Interested? Get started with a free watch appraisal!

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An Honest Watch Appraisal

I brought four watches with me when I visited King Watch Buyers today. I no longer wear them, and I was curious to see what they might be worth. I had four Frederique Constant watches, and a David Yurman watch.

Ilya, the owner of King Watch Buyers, was very honest with me. He said that, while he wanted to help me, he thought that we would see very little return on any of these pieces. He said that these brands don’t hold value the way some of the more famous brands do, and suggested I hold on to the watches. Since I’ve dealt with King Watch Buyers in the past, I took his word for it.

I may put them on eBay and see what happens, or just hold on to them. I was hoping to make a sale, but in the end, I appreciated getting an honest watch appraisal.
Stewart Presser, January 29, 2014