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How it Works

You want money for your luxury watch, and we want to give it to you.
Our resale process is designed to be fast, simple, and risk free.

Remember: There is no upfront obligation to sell.
And we pay for shipping and insurance.

Step 1 / Create an account

You’ve decided: “I want to sell my watch.” We’re honored that you chose to work with us. But you will need to register with King Watch Buyers before filling out our free watch appraisal form. By registering with us, you’re helping us keep in touch with our clients and friends, and maintaining records of our interactions helps us serve you better. Not to mention, we’ll be able to let you know about special deals, upcoming promotions, and King Watch Buyers events.

Step 2 / Fill us in

Once you’ve registered, click here to begin filling out the watch appraisal form. Remember to give King Watch Buyers as much information as possible about the watch you want to sell. Any details on the brand, model, condition, and included documentation will help us. This will get our gears turning as we consider how your watch compares to others on the market. Likewise, we will have an idea of what makes your watch unique, and uniqueness is key when you want to sell watches. If you’ve got a desired price in mind, name it!

Step 3 / Hear from us

Now that you’ve completed the watch appraisal form, we will have most of the information we need. But, since watches are complex instruments, manufactured in nearly countless variations, there is a good chance that King Watch Buyers will be calling you with a few follow-up questions. Once we’ve had a chance to talk to you, we should be able to give you an estimate on the attainable price range for your watch. And of course, the details of our conversation will be strictly confidential.

Step 4 / Pack & ship your watch

Once we’ve had a chance to chat with you, we will send you a shipping label, and a contract outlining our terms of service. Please sign and date the contract, and include it in your package, along with our shipping label, and a photocopy of your photo ID. Our insurers also require that you take a short video when packing the watch, or eight (8) photos, to prove that the watch has arrived in the same condition in which it was shipped. King Watch Buyers will pay for shipping, and you will be insured for the watch’s full retail price. You’ll have your watch appraisal soon.

Step 5 / Get your price

As soon as your package arrives at King Watch Buyers’ office in New York City, we will unpack it under our own video cameras. As long as the watch appears as it was described when you filled out the watch appraisal form, it will be taken directly to one of our watch-service centers. There, a professional watchmaker will closely examine the ins and outs of your timepiece to assess its authenticity, condition, and overall value. Once our watchmaker has made a determination, King Watch Buyers will make you an offer!

Step 6 / Get Money!

Once you've accepted the offer, King Watch Buyers will send you your money via PayPal, check, or bank transfer — whichever you prefer. Payment will only be made to the person and address from which your package was originally sent, before you got your watch appraisal. If, at any time during the process, you decide that you'd like to put the value of your watch towards the purchase of a new timepiece, we will set you up with our partners at Just let us know, or go directly to the company’s trade-in page.


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An Honest Watch Appraisal

I brought four watches with me when I visited King Watch Buyers today. I no longer wear them, and I was curious to see what they might be worth. I had four Frederique Constant watches, and a David Yurman watch.

Ilya, the owner of King Watch Buyers, was very honest with me. He said that, while he wanted to help me, he thought that we would see very little return on any of these pieces. He said that these brands don’t hold value the way some of the more famous brands do, and suggested I hold on to the watches. Since I’ve dealt with King Watch Buyers in the past, I took his word for it.

I may put them on eBay and see what happens, or just hold on to them. I was hoping to make a sale, but in the end, I appreciated getting an honest watch appraisal.
Stewart Presser, January 29, 2014