Why Sell Old Watches with King Watch Buyers?

Imagine, you have just inherited a vintage luxury watch that looks great and keeps time perfectly. However, you understand that you will never wear it on your wrist because it does not meet your personal style or taste. Plus, no one in your family wants it. How about selling it for cash? Just think about it – you will not only get rid of something you do not actually need but also get good money for it. After all, there are many people out there, who are interested in buying used and vintage watches for cash. Moreover, to sell old watches is now as easy as never before.

Once you know what to do with your old watch, it is time to find a buyer. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that King Watch Buyers is the best place to come if you want to get cash for old watches. Specializing in authentic vintage and pre-owned timepieces created by the well-known watchmakers, we are always ready to pay full market value for your old watch through our simple and risk-free resale process.

Why choose King Watch Buyers?

To sell old watches with King Watch Buyers has many benefits, including the following three that are crucial for any seller:

- Fair price

As one of the leading companies buying used luxury watches online, we will pay you top dollar for your old timepiece. This applies to both middle-priced models and exclusive luxury watches that can be estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, we always provide only honest appraisal and transparent pricing.

- Simple process of reselling

As it has been already said, to sell old watches with King Watch Buyers is as easy as never before. You can actually do it even without leaving your home. Just take a photo of your old watch and fill in our appraisal form so that we could provide you with our offer. This process is free for our clients, and, what is more important, there is no upfront obligation to sell. Plus, if you like our offer, we will pay all insurance and shipping charges. You will only need to pack and send your old watch to our New York office.

- Fast payment

Once you accept our offer and we get your luxury watch, your money is on its way to you! We usually send it via bank transfer, check, or PayPal. You can choose the method of payment yourself. Simple as that.

However, that’s not all! At King Watch Buyers, we also offer a unique opportunity to exchange your old timepiece for a new one. It means that you can choose any luxury watch in our partner’s online store, and we will put the value of your old timepiece toward the purchase of the chosen one. This way, you will save much of your time and money.

Just let us know about your wishes, and we will make your dream come true! To sell old watches with King Watch Buyers is always beneficial!