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What to Do with Your Old Halloween Designer Watches?

Halloween is already here! From the Celtic tradition of celebrating the dead to glamorous costumes and treats, this night is always unpredictable. However, whether it is scary, spooky, crazy, or fun, it is still exciting, especially if your “frightening” image is thought out to the last detail. As a luxury watch fan, chances are you have at least one Halloween-inspired timepiece for this memorable day. But what if you want to exchange it for something new? After all, today’s market is full of designer watches that can suit literally any Halloween look. So what to do with your old watch and how to get a new one at half price?

At King Watch Buyers, we offer you a unique opportunity to sell old watches for cash or put their value toward the purchase of a new one. Moreover, it is up to you whether to choose something unique for your next Halloween party or a more classic model for everyday wear. How can you do that? It is as easy as never before! Just follow our simple and risk-free resale process, and we will make your dream come true!

So what designer watches can you sell to King Watch Buyers? The only thing to remember is that we buy only authentic timepieces created by the best luxury watch brands, like Romain Jerome, Corum, and Bell & Ross. Here are several examples of Halloween-inspired watches you can easily sell for top dollar!

1. Romain Jerome Dia de los Muertos

The Dia de los Muertos series of designer watches by Romain Jerome is perhaps the first one that comes to mind when people think about luxury timepieces imbued with the spirit of Halloween. Inspired by Dia de los Muertos, a well-known Mexican holiday that celebrates life and honors the dead, this collection features many fantastic models that are both accurate timepieces and stylish jewelry accessories distinguished by their unique dials with famous Calaveras.

Romain Jerome Dia de los Muertos Clasico Ref. RJ.M.AU.FM.001.07

2. Corum Bubble

One more renowned collection of luxury watches that can easily complement a Halloween costume is the Bubble by Corum. Created in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, these eye-catching timepieces are made to amuse and frighten at the same time, which makes them a popular choice for this special day of the year. Moreover, released in limited editions, they are not only very attractive, but pretty collectible too.

Corum Big Bubble 52 Diablo Ref. L403/03248

3. Bell & Ross Skull

The first Bell & Ross Skull model was introduced in 2009, and since then, these stylish designer watches that break with traditional watchmaking codes have been some of the most interesting options for a memorable Halloween look. Decorated with a provocative skull and adorned with exceptional finishes, each piece of the Bell & Ross Skull series is a true delight for collectors of unusual luxury watches.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Burning Skull

This short list of Halloween-inspired designer watches is certainly not exhaustive, so do not hesitate to offer King Watch Buyers any other “frightening” timepiece you have! Happy Halloween!

Most Expensive Rolex Wrist Watch: Paul Newman’s Daytona Has Set a New Record

On October 26, a vintage Rolex wrist watch that belonged to the Hollywood icon Paul Newman set a new world record. This historically important stainless steel Daytona was sold at the Phillips New York “Winning Icons – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century” Sale for a staggering $17.8 million, which makes it the world’s most expensive wrist watch ever sold at auction.

Original Paul Newman's Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 6239

After a 12-minute bidding war, the legendary timepiece once given to Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward was finally sold to an anonymous bidder on the phone, who had offered a record-breaking $17,752,500 for a single Rolex wrist watch. Thus, the very first Daytona “Paul Newman” has beaten the previous record for the most expensive wrist watch, set by the famous Patek Philippe stainless steel watch (Ref. 1518) that was sold by Phillips Geneva in 2016 for $11 million, and it was actually very close to the Henry Graves Patek Philippe Supercomplication sold for $24 million in 2014.

Among other important Rolex luxury watches sold by Phillips New York, we can mention the following:

1. Rolex Ref. 8171 “Padellone,” 1950

A triple calendar Rolex wrist watch known as “Padellone” is one of the world’s most sought-after luxury watches today. It is no wonder that this large for the time stainless steel timepiece with a graine dial, powered by an automatic mechanical movement, was sold for $603,000.

Rolex Ref. 8171 “Padellone” Triple Calendar, 1950

2. Rolex Submariner Ref. 6200 “Big Crown,” 1954

Designed for professional divers, the Rolex Ref. 6200 was the only one among three models released in 1954 to feature water resistance to a depth of 200 meters. This important and extremely rare stainless steel automatic Rolex with a black glossy Explorer dial went under the hammer for $579,000.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6200 “Big Crown” with Explorer Dial, 1954

3. Rolex Ref. 6284, 1950

Manufactured in 1950, this highly attractive 14k yellow gold Rolex wrist watch powered by an automatic movement is distinguished by its unique cloisonne enamel dial depicting North and South America, which makes it one of the most desirable luxury watches in the world. It was sold by Phillips for $567,000.

Rolex Ref. 6284 with Cloisonne Enamel Dial, 1950

4. Rolex Ref. 6062 “Stelline,” 1953

Featuring a rare star dial and an in-house automatic movement, this 18k yellow gold triple calendar model known as “Stelline” is one more perfect example of collectible and important Rolex watches auctioned by Phillips New York. It went under the hammer for $495,000.

Rolex Ref. 6062 “Stelline” Triple Calendar Moon Phase, 1953

Finally, here are several more auction results from the “Winning Icons – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century” Sale:

- 18k rose gold Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 (1951) – sold for $975,000
- Yellow gold Audemars Piguet Ref. 5516 (1957) – sold for $675,000
- 18k rose gold Vacheron Constantin Ref. 4764 “Cioccolatone” (1958) – sold for $387,000
- Platinum Cartier Grand Tank Cintree (1927) – sold for $350,000
- Stainless steel Panerai Marina Militare Ref. 6152-1 (1947) – sold for $106,250

Needless to say that the Phillips New York “Winning Icons” Sale was a truly exciting event that is guaranteed to be remembered for years to come!

Introducing Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition Old Style Watches

Established by George G. Schaeren in 1918, Mido soon became known as a reliable manufacturer of quality luxury watches that fully justified the company’s name, which comes from the Spanish “Yo mido” meaning “I measure.” Its simple and at the same time refined designs existing beyond passing trends and fashion enjoy success until today, with numerous options created to suit any taste. Besides, both new and old watches by Mido remain some of the most affordable high-quality timepieces on the market, which makes them even more popular with those looking for Swiss accuracy at a reasonable price. This is especially true for the Escape series of old style watches from the Mido’s renowned Multifort collection.

Inspired by the 1930s Industrial Revolution, engineering prowess, and Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Multifort collection introduced in 1934 is definitely one of the best in the Mido range. It boasts many interesting models for men and women, including several Escape old style watches distinguished by their vintage look. This year, Mido has decided to complement this iconic series with the Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition created in collaboration with the renowned American brand Horween Leather Company. The novelty available in two options comes with the same vintage-inspired design, though with several significant differences.

Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition


Paying tribute to the 1940s Multifort, each piece of the new Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition old style watches features an aged black PVD stainless steel case measuring 44mm in diameter, which makes this model the largest as compared to other Mido three-hand timepieces. Its water resistance is up to the depth of 100 meters. The case back is transparent.


The new Mido luxury watch model comes with a black dial covered by a sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective coating. It is decorated with vertical Geneva stripes like those that can be found on other Escape models. Arabic numerals and hands are filled with beige Super-LumiNova offering optimum readability even in darkness. The small date aperture is placed at the 6 o’clock position.


Each piece of the Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition old style watches is powered by the self-winding mechanical Mido Caliber 80 based on ETA C07.611. It operates at the frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and provides an 80-hour power reserve when fully wound. The oscillating weight is adorned with the Mido logo and Geneva stripes.


The new luxury watch model can be fitted with a black Horween calfskin strap in American football style, made of the same leather used for manufacturing American footballs, and a beige Horween calfskin strap that will develop a beautiful patina over time. Both straps are interchangeable and supplied with the Mido Multifort Escape Horween Special Edition watch.

The Mido Multifort Escape Horween is undoubtedly one of the best old style watches introduced this year. It is already available for sale at a retail price of $1,090.

Valuing and Evaluating Old Watches

If you have ever been interested in buying or selling old watches, you have probably noticed that the price of such timepieces varies. Some old vintage watches are estimated at only a few hundred dollars, while others are sold at tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of multi-million pieces auctioned by Sotheby’s and Christie’s. What is the reason for such a difference in value and cost?

Even though you will hardly find a collector who can refuse the temptation of owning an authentic antique timepiece that has transcended time and fashion, the truth is that not all old watches enjoy equal success. When it comes to pricing and evaluating vintage timepieces, there are lots of factors that should be taken into account, including the age of the watch, materials used in manufacturing, rarity, etc. Moreover, even those factors that seem insignificant can make a big difference for collectors of old watches. So how to ensure you can get top dollar for your own timepiece?

Check the condition of your watch

Just like with many other antique and collectible items, the condition of your watch is one of the most important factors in its evaluating. Needless to say that timepieces in mint condition are usually sold at higher prices than those in good or nearly good condition. Moreover, this applies not only to the movement inside of your watch – its overall look, including the condition of the case, dial, and crystal, is no less important. Plus, old watches that come with their original boxes and papers are priced higher.

Find out the brand or manufacturer

It is not a secret that vintage watches produced by such renowned companies as Rolex and Patek Philippe are now the most highly valued, which makes them increasingly popular with collectors of Haute Horlogerie masterpieces of the past. Thereby, it is important to find out what company stands behind your timepiece. Look for any brand markings, logos, or inscriptions. Consult a professional if you cannot understand them. In other words, the more you know about your vintage watch, the better chances you have to sell it for top dollar.

Know where to sell old watches for cash

If you are sure you have a truly valuable old watch and you want to sell it for cash, to go to your local pawn shop is definitely a bad idea. The only right way to get top dollar for your timepiece is to sell it online to a trustworthy company specializing in buying old watches. At King Watch Buyers, we offer not only fair prices for authentic vintage timepieces, but also provide our clients with the most convenient and simple way to sell old watches for cash without leaving their homes.

Thus, the watch condition, manufacturer, and where you sell can all greatly impact the price of your timepiece, not to mention other important factors used in valuing and evaluating. Thereby, if you want to get top dollar, you need to do some homework and properly prepare your old watch for sale.

Legendary Old Watches to Be Auctioned by Phillips

For the first time ever, Phillips will host its renowned auction of the rarest and finest old watches in New York. The important event titled “Winning Icons – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century” will be held next week, on October 26.

Featuring fifty iconic high-end luxury watches created by the best manufacturers, the Phillips New York sale promises to be a delight for serious collectors of old watches and connoisseurs alike. The highlight of the upcoming auction is the original Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Paul Newman” worn by the Hollywood icon himself. This historically significant stainless steel luxury watch with an “exotic” dial was purchased by Joanne Woodward, who made a lovely inscription “Drive Carefully Me” and gave it as a gift to her husband Paul Newman in 1968. Thus, while all vintage “Paul Newman” Daytonas offered for sale are always popular with collectors of rare timepieces, this one is still exceptional. Its low estimate is $1 million, though it is sure to be sold for a much higher price.

Original Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona worn by Paul Newman himself, 1968

However, this Rolex is not the only important lot to be auctioned by Phillips. Here are several other rare and fine old watches that will be available for sale on October 26:

1. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, 1951

Both old and modern Patek Philippe luxury watches always make a big splash when put up for sale. This year is not an exception as the upcoming Phillips auction features a very rare 18k rose gold Patek Philippe chronograph equipped with perpetual calendar and moon phases complications. It is estimated at $600,000 – 1,200,000.

Rare Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, 1951

2. Audemars Piguet Ref. 5516 Perpetual Calendar, 1957

Distinguished by its technical ingenuity, superb aesthetics, and exquisite quality, this yellow gold perpetual calendar model featuring moon phases and leap year indication is one of only nine pieces manufactured by Audemars Piguet in 1957. Its estimated cost is $300,000 – 600,000.

Rare Audemars Piguet Ref. 5516 Perpetual Calendar, 1957

3. Cartier Grand Tank Cintree, 1927

This exceptionally fine and rare piece of Cartier old watches was manufactured in 1927. With its large, curved platinum case and platinum Cartier bracelet, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful luxury watches of the time. It is estimated at $250,000 – 500,000.

Rare Cartier Grand Tank Cintree Platinum, 1927

4. Vacheron Constantin Ref. 4764 “Cioccolatone” Triple Calendar, 1958

Distinguished by its large, square-shaped 18k rose gold case with rounded stepped bezel and lugs, this Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar model with moon phases indication, known as “Cioccolatone,” is another piece of highly collectible vintage fine watches. Its estimated cost is $200,000 – 400,000.

Rare Vacheron Constantin Ref. 4764 “Cioccolatone” Triple Calendar, 1958

5. Panerai Marina Militare Ref. 6152-1, 1947

One more exceptional example of rare and important old watches that will be auctioned by Phillips is the Panerai Marina Militare made for the Italian Navy in 1947. This oversized stainless steel diver’s model is estimated at $80,000 - 160,000.

Rare Panerai Marina Militare Ref. 6152-1, 1947

It is not difficult to guess that the Phillips New York “Winning Icons – Legendary Watches of the 20th Century” sale will be memorable. We cannot wait to see the auction results!

1960s Old Vintage Watches, and Why They Are So Popular

Since tastes differ, it is hard to say for sure what type of old vintage watches enjoys the most success. Some collectors are passionate about antique pocket watches. Some love original Art Deco timepieces. Others collect old military and pilot’s watches. However, there are still pieces or even periods that are always in demand. One of them is the 1960s, a significant decade marked by the Kennedy assassination, revolution in clothing, Beatles’ first US tour, and many other important political and cultural events. It is not surprising that old vintage watches from this period are among the most highly collected. Here are five perfect 1960s examples produced by the best brands that are still known for their precision and design.

1. Omega DeVille Andrew Grima Design

Even though all Omega DeVille watches, both new and vintage, have always been popular with connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, models produced in the 1960s are still exceptional. The fact is that many of them were developed by a famous British jewelry designer Andrew Grima, who was commissioned by Omega to add a touch of creativity and avant-garde to the company’s new collection.

Vintage Omega DeVille Andrew Grima Design Mechanical Dress Watch

2. Breitling TransOcean Chronometre Automatic

Known for its precise luxury watches used by aviators, Breitling boasts many vintage models that are worth collecting. One of them is the original TransOcean Chronometre Automatic produced in the 1960s. In fact, this is exactly the model that serves as inspiration for many Breitling new watches released in recent years so that it is no wonder why it is always in demand.

Vintage Breitling TransOcean Chronometre Gold Watch

3. IWC Schaffhausen Automatic Dress Watch

The 1960s IWC Schaffhausen automatic dress models are chosen by those who prefer classic timepieces that will never go out of fashion. Produced in stainless steel and gold with different dial options, they are indeed very popular with collectors of old watches. Moreover, IWC has always been known for its high-quality mechanical movements and timeless design.

Vintage IWC Schaffhausen Gold Automatic Dress Watch

4. LeCoultre Vintage Hand-Winding Watch

Jaeger-LeCoulture has many stunning examples of old vintage watches in its history; however, when it comes to the 1960s, the most notable models are those with a bold design, like the one in the photo below. Featuring a 10k gold filled case and an original two-tone dial, this hand-winding mechanical watch can easily become a gem of any collection.

LeCoultre Vintage 10k Gold Filled Manual Wind Watch

5. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

This list won’t be complete without the iconic Rolex Oyster Perpetual from the 1960s. Being a symbol of classic style, this model is all about function and timeless design. It is no wonder that a vintage Rolex equipped with an original certified chronometer movement is a must-have for most collectors of old vintage watches.

Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rose Gold Watch

If you have any of the above old watches for sale or want to exchange your vintage timepiece for a new one, King Watch Buyers is the best place to come for a fair deal! Just let us know about your wishes, and we will do our best to make them come true!

How to Exchange Old Watches for Something New?

Whether you are a luxury watch collector or simply have more than one timepiece in your possession, chance are that you do not wear all of them. Moreover, what if you have vintage luxury watches that you do not actually need but have always dreamed of an authentic gold Rolex on your wrist? Have you ever thought about how to sell old watches for cash? At King Watch Buyers, we can make you the best possible offer and even more!

While some people prefer modern models, others are passionate about old vintage watches created many years ago. The good news is that we can help both. Having been engaged in the watch trading business for 10+ years, we have established a fantastic partnership with some of the best online platforms for selling luxury watches. This allows us to offer unique options for everyone willing to sell their old watches or exchange them for something new.

We pay top dollar for watches you do not need!

How about cash for old watches that you do not need? It is easy with King Watch Buyers! We not only pay top dollar for vintage timepieces – we have made the process of selling as simple as possible. In fact, you do not even need to leave your home in order to sell your timepiece. All you need to do is to fill in our appraisal form and send several photos showing the current condition of your watch. Based on this information, we will provide you with the preliminary estimate. If you like it, pack your old watch and send it to our New York office for its more detailed examination by a professional watchmaker. After the determination is made, we will make our final offer. Once you accept it, the cash is on its way to you! If not, your timepiece will be simply shipped back. Do not worry about the insurance and shipping costs – King Watch Buyers will cover them all! The whole process is as easy as ABC, without any risk for you!

We provide a unique trade-in service!

Our trade-in service gives you a unique chance to exchange your old watches for something new you have always dreamed of but could not afford. What does it mean? The trade-in process is basically the same as when you sell old watches for cash, with only one significant difference. Instead of paying cash for your old timepiece, we will put its value toward the purchase of a new one you can choose yourself via our partner companies. Thus, you will not only get rid of something you do not need but also get an opportunity to buy an authentic new luxury watch at a much lower price. It is a win-win for all sides!

If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact our team. We will be happy to help you make the right choice, no matter whether you are interested in selling or buying luxury watches.

Iconic Grieb & Benzinger Platinum Watches

The luxury watch market knows many stunning examples of exclusive high-end watches designed in very limited editions. However, there are also very rare timepieces that stand out from the crowd. That is exactly the case with Grieb & Benzinger platinum watches.

Founded in 2005, Grieb & Benzinger is a very young company that has already made the name in the world of Haute Horlogerie thanks to its unique watches of breathtaking beauty, created using important historical movements. Moreover, Grieb & Benzinger timepieces are almost always produced in a single copy, which makes them highly collectible and desired by many luxury watch connoisseurs. Thus, despite the fact that many leading manufacturers produce exclusive platinum watches today, Grieb & Benzinger creations are always one step ahead due to their uniqueness, serious decoration, and rare vintage movements. This is also the reason why at King Watch Buyers, we are interested in buying new and old watches produced by this outstanding company. Below we have several examples of Grieb & Benzinger platinum watches to give you a clue why these timepieces are so highly valued.

1. Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit

The Blue Merit is a solid platinum tourbillon watch enclosed in a 41mm case. It houses a unique A. Lange & Söhne Pour le Merite Tourbillon movement modified by Grieb & Benzinger watchmakers and artisans. Besides, it boasts a beautiful hand-skeletonized dial made of sterling silver and decorated with distinctive Breguet frosted finish.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit Platinum Skeleton Tourbillon

2. Grieb & Benzinger Green Inspiration

This one-of-a-kind piece of Grieb & Benzinger platinum watches with an emphasis on the green color was custom created for a watch connoisseur in the Middle East. Featuring a 43mm solid platinum case and an eye-catching two-part dial with a green guilloche center, it is driven by a hand-engraved and hand-skeletonized manual-winding movement.

Grieb & Benzinger Green Inspiration

3. Grieb & Benzinger Blue Sensation

The Blue Sensation is another sophisticated Grieb & Benzinger luxury watch that comes in a large platinum case measuring 49mm. It is distinguished by its impressive hand-winding mechanical movement with a split-seconds chronograph complication, based on the 1889 Patek Philippe caliber sold to Tiffany New York, not to mention fantastic sterling silver dial with overlapping displays.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Sensation Platinum Split Second Skeleton Chronograph

4. Grieb & Benzinger Centurion

Even though the Centurion does not look so, it is also made of platinum. With its all-black appearance thanks to the 43mm totally blackened platinum case, distinctive hand-guilloche bezel, intricate dial, and complicated hand-skeletonized movement, this gorgeous Grieb & Benzinger creation is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous high-end watches ever.

Grieb & Benzinger Centurion Platinum

5. Grieb & Benzinger Blue Danube

Enclosed in a 43mm platinum case, the Grieb & Benzinger Blue Danube boasts a historical Patek Philippe 26-jewel hand-winding movement with split-seconds chronograph and minute repeater complications, made for Tiffany New York circa 1890. Its beauty is clearly seen through the amazing skeleton dial.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Danube Platinum Minute Repeater Split Second Regulator Chronograph

These were only a few examples of incredible Grieb & Benzinger platinum watches created in a single copy. However, even these five are enough to understand why they are so much desired by collectors of exclusive luxury watches from all over the world.

Hamilton New and Old Watches

Being an embodiment of American history coupled with long watchmaking tradition, Hamilton watches represent a perfect blend of timeless elegance and innovation. Moreover, this applies to both new and old watches produced by this company.

Hamilton old watches

Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania/US in 1892, with the first timepiece launched a year later, Hamilton quickly gained popularity, largely due to its reliable pocket watches with accurate in-house movements created for the railroad community. It was a beginning of the company’s watchmaking history destined to become an important part of the American legacy.

Hamilton Vintage Gold Pocket Watch, circa 1903

If you are a collector of old vintage watches or just love timepieces with history, chances are that you already have a Hamilton watch in your collection. If not, you should buy at least one of them right now! From important Railroad pocket watches produced in the early 20th century and military timepieces to iconic Art Deco models and wristwatches worn by celebrities, like the Hamilton Ventura and the Hamilton Everest, old watches by this brand are all prized among collectors and connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie, especially those interested in the American history. King Watch Buyers are not an exception, as we are always ready to pay cash for old watches by Hamilton in order to add some interesting pieces to our own collection.

Elvis Presley's Hamilton Ventura Watch

Hamilton brand new watches

As for Hamilton new watches, there are also many great examples to consider when choosing a high-quality timepiece. Moreover, all of them come at very attractive prices to meet any budget. One of such models is the recently introduced Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green (Ref. H35415761) inspired by vintage sports cars from the 1970s.

Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green Ref. H35415761

Distinguished by its sporty design that is both dynamic and chic, the Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green comes in a 42mm stainless steel case topped by a 60-minute rotating bezel in black color. Its water resistance is up to the depth of 50 meters. However, the most eye-catching element of this new luxury watch is its beautiful green dial that turns the vintage-inspired timepiece into a modern accessory able to complement any occasion and mood. Besides, it features day and date apertures placed at the 3 o’clock position.

Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green Ref. H35415761

The Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green is equipped with a brand new, high-performance self-winding mechanical caliber H-30 that operates at the frequency of 21,600 vph and provides impressive 80 hours of power reserve. This model comes with a stylish black leather strap with round cut-outs that show a green underlining matching the dial. Furthermore, it is also supplied with a black and green striped textile strap and a special pin remover to make the switch easy and quick. The Hamilton Pan Europ Auto Green will soon be available for sale at a retail price of $1,195.

As you can see, both new and old watches by Hamilton are indeed worthy timepieces to add to your collection of luxury watches. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be satisfied with such an acquisition!

GPHG 2017: Top 5 Competing Ladies Luxury Watches

It’s not a secret that ladies luxury watches are no longer just beautiful quartz timepieces decorated with gems. For today, many of the women’s models produced by the leading watchmakers are actually in no way inferior to the best watches for men. It is no wonder that the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve (GPHG) features two exclusive categories dedicated to feminine timepieces only: Ladies’ and Ladies High-Mech. Plus, many of the women’s models can also be found in the Artistic Crafts and Jewellery categories. This year’s edition is not an exception and includes an array of fantastic ladies luxury watches that are flawless in both craftsmanship and design. We have picked the best women’s models competing to win one of the prestigious 2017 GPHG prizes. Enjoy!

1. Urwerk UR-106 Flower Power

The Urwerk UR-106 Flower Power is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching ladies luxury watches included in the GPHG list of finalists. This futuristic-looking timepiece is distinguished by the moon phase complication and the brand’s signature hour satellites that create horological blooms on the beautiful skeleton dial. Such an original self-winding stainless steel watch decorated with diamonds is competing in the Ladies’ category.

Urwerk UR-106 Flower Power

2. Graff Mastergraff Floral Tourbillon Ref. MGF38WGSLDMPP

Combining high jewelry art with fine watchmaking expertise, Graff has created a truly outstanding ladies timepiece that is now competing in the prestigious Ladies’ High-Mech category. The Mastergraff Floral Tourbillon is an 18k white gold diamond watch with a very complex dial composed of enamel-painted white gold flowers that rotate on themselves, not to mention that it is powered by a hand-winding tourbillon movement.

Graff Mastergraff Floral Tourbillon Ref. MGF38WGSLDMPP

3. Claude Meylan Tortue “Petite Fleur” Ref. 6080 PF

One more luxury watch competing in the Ladies’ High-Mech category is the Claude Meylan Tortue “Petite Fleur.” This stainless steel model is distinguished by its beautiful skeleton dial with off-centered hours and minutes, which allows viewing the new self-winding caliber in action. Decorated with white and blue printing, diamonds, sapphires, and superb finishing of every little detail, the Tortue “Petite Fleur” is definitely a worthy finalist.

Claude Meylan Tortue “Petite Fleur” Ref. 6080 PF

4. Chanel Les Eternelles de Chanel Camelia Secret Watch Ref. J62370

Chanel watches are always impressive; however, this one is truly unique. Featuring an elegant pearl chain that can be easily transformed into a bracelet and decorated with numerous diamonds, including a rare Fancy Brown Yellow weighing 10 carats, this quartz 18k white gold Camelia Secret Watch has a good chance to win the GPHG prize in the Jewellery category.

Chanel Les Eternelles de Chanel Camelia Secret Watch Ref. J62370

5. Chaumet Frise Divine Ref. W21531-05A

One more stunning piece of ladies luxury watches competing in the Jewellery category is the Chaumet Frise Divine. Adorned with yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, and sculptured chalcedony, this 18k white gold watch is worthy of a Queen. Moreover, it comes with a matching brooch that transforms this fantastic quartz timepiece into a jewelry cuff bracelet.

Chaumet Frise Divine Watch Ref. W21531-05A

As you already know, the winners of the 2017 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve will be announced on November 8, 2017.