Hamilton Old Watches as an Embodiment of American History

Hamilton is one of the leading yet affordable luxury watch brands in the world, with a proven reputation for creating reliable, unique, and elegant timepieces. Since its very foundation in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania/US, this renowned watchmaking company has never disappointed its fans. It is worth noting that soon after the brand establishment, a huge series of old vintage pocket watches was purchased by the local railway company. Thus, thanks to their highest precision, these outstanding timepieces earned the title of “Watches of Railroad accuracy.”

Hamilton Watch, 1912

Another interesting fact is that Hamilton old vintage watches were worn by officers and soldiers served under the command of U.S. Army General John J. Pershing, who led the American Expeditionary Forces to victory in the First World War. Moreover, during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped production of branded high-end watches for customers in order to concentrate on providing the US Armed forces with a total of a million accurate timepieces with shock-proof cases. It was in these years that Hamilton developed its famous marine chronometers used by the US Navy for calculating longitude and plotting direction and location. The luxury watch company’s efforts were rewarded with a US Army-Navy “E” Award in 1943. Besides, did you know that one of the amazing Hamilton old watches was on the wrist of the first American to scale Mount Everest? Furthermore, another branded luxury watch was worn by Admiral Richard Byrd, who made ​​the first flight over the South Pole. In this way, Hamilton high-end watches with their glorious heritage are truly an embodiment of American history!

Elvis Presley wore Hamilton Ventura

In 1974, the Hamilton luxury watch brand was sold to SSIH also known as Swatch Group. Despite this fact, this company is still considered to be iconic in the United States. What’s more, for today, it is also one of the best watchmaking manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Biel, Switzerland. Its distinctive designer watches constantly appear on the big screen. Let’s just remember “The Frogmen,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Die Hard,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Independence Day,” “Men in Black,” and the recent “Interstellar” and “The Martian.”

Hamilton PAN EUROP, 1971

Taking into account all of the above, it’s not surprising that many people from all over the world give their preference to the new trend watches created by Hamilton, while luxury watch collectors are constantly searching for branded old vintage watches with history. So if you want to sell Hamilton old watches for cash or exchange your old model for a newer one, King Watch Buyers is exactly what you need! We buy used watches and pay top dollar for them so that you are guaranteed to receive a win-win offer! All you need to do is simply to fill in our free appraisal form, and we will take care of everything else!