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The first step in working with King Watch Buyers is getting a FREE watch appraisal — free of charge and risk. That means:

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This helps us keep track of all our friends, and the opportunities we have had to work together. Plus, it allows us to contact you about upcoming promotions, discounts, and the occasional King Watch Buyers event.

We take the appraisal process very seriously, and use only the most skilled watchmakers and service centers we know of to determine the price we’re willing to pay for your watch.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we’re happy to say that we know the go-to horologists in Manhattan. So, believe us when we say that we're not pawn brokers pulling random numbers out of our heads.

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An Honest Watch Appraisal

I brought four watches with me when I visited King Watch Buyers today. I no longer wear them, and I was curious to see what they might be worth. I had four Frederique Constant watches, and a David Yurman watch.

Ilya, the owner of King Watch Buyers, was very honest with me. He said that, while he wanted to help me, he thought that we would see very little return on any of these pieces. He said that these brands don’t hold value the way some of the more famous brands do, and suggested I hold on to the watches. Since I’ve dealt with King Watch Buyers in the past, I took his word for it.

I may put them on eBay and see what happens, or just hold on to them. I was hoping to make a sale, but in the end, I appreciated getting an honest watch appraisal.
Stewart Presser, January 29, 2014